Covid-19  Awareness and Clinic Policies
        An Overview of our Covid-19 prevention policies...
  1. We will be taking your temperature when you arrive for your appointment.  We are not able to see anyone currently sick with a cold or flu or if you have a fever of 100.4 or greater.   If you have been around someone who has COVID 19 within the past 14 days or you have had COVID 19 yourself and your symptoms are gone please call and discuss with the acupuncturist.  

  2. All clients must wear a mask to the appointment, regardless of vaccination status.  Your practitioner will be wearing one also. We will have a limited supply of new face masks in the office if you arrive without one.  If you do not want to wear a mask, we cannot treat you.  

  3. There will be one clean sheet on each recliner per each client’s session.  Blankets will be limited to one per client, or a clean sheet may be used for cover.  Pillows will be available with clean cases per each use if needed.  

  4. We will allow 1-2 people  in the reception area at a time.  We are asking all clients to wash their hands for 20 seconds in warm soapy water before their treatment, or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.

  5. We can still run credit card transactions.  Those who pay by cash or check can leave that with us at the front desk.  

  6. There will be a hand sanitizing station set up that you will be using upon entering the clinic door.  

  7. We have only 3 chairs in the community room in order to allow for social distancing of at least 6 feet, along with screens separating each chair.  Please seat yourself as able to allow maximum distance between yourself and others.  

  8. We will not be doing any tongue diagnosis due to the need to maintain masks in place.

  9. We will be doing your intake by phone or in  the clinic with social distancing so that 6 feet can be maintained for most of your treatment.  Of course, we will be briefly closer than 6 feet during placement and removal of needles.

  10. There will be a hand sanitizing station set up that you are welcome to use when you depart.

  11. If you have an herb formula purchase we will handle that quickly, though it is helpful if you mention it to Jill ahead of your appointment if you need a refill.  

  12. You will be screened the day of your appointment for symptoms.  If you are having any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.   

  13. Please wait 5 minutes until your appointment time to enter the clinic.  You may wait outside or in your car until your time.  

  14. Appointments will be 55 minutes.  Jill will be treating 2 people per hour for optimal social distancing.

  15. We will be cleaning and disinfecting between each client with EPA approved disinfectant.

  16. Jill will utilize meticulous hand washing before your treatment.  

  17. All clinic personnel  will be doing daily temperature checks and symptom checks. 

  18. Thank you for your patience and attention to your wellness.