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            Welcome to Sunflower Community            
Acupuncture! (Est. 2013)

Dear Sunflower Friends, 

 For almost ten years, this clinic has thrived in our community.  Since its humble beginnings, the vision and mission of Sunflower has remained focused on wellness, compassion, quality care, expertise, and affordable acupuncture for our community.    That focus,  and your continued support, has made us the longest established
and "best little acupuncture clinic in Hygiene!"  
My practice is based in traditional Chinese medicine theory, yet influenced by a deep understanding of healing learned over a 30 year history of nursing, and the study and practice of  holistic and 
energy medicine modalities from many esteemed teachers.

                   Like any healing journey, healing with acupuncture is a process.   You cannot expect big changes with one treatment, especially if your issue is more chronic.  A series of treatments, delivered more frequently, yields better outcomes.  

I will suggest a reasonable course of treatment to best address your concern.  Please note that chronic issues may take more time as well, and may require intermittent tune-ups to keep things running smoothly.  

   As a practitioner, I am committed to assisting you in achieving your
optimal wellness goals. 
I use a comprehensive and holistic approach with gentle Japanese style acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle/nutritional counseling.      

With profound gratitude,  Jill

                      To schedule an appointment, please call 720.684.8865                     Appointments now available on:  
Monday, Tuesday, Frida
and Saturday 
New location: 11749 N. 75th St.,  Hygiene CO
Go to our "contact and information" page for more details. 


"All will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well." -Julian of Norwich 

© 2023 by Sunflower Community Acupuncture

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