Welcome to Sunflower Community            Acupuncture! (Est. 2013)

Dear Sunflower Friends,
Happy early Summer!  

  We have enjoyed a welcoming return to beautiful Hygiene these past seven months!    
My acupuncture practice is based in traditional Chinese medicine theory, yet influenced by a deep understanding of healing learned over a 30 year history of nursing and the study and practice of  holistic and energy medicine modalities. 


For optimal results
Like any healing journey, healing with acupuncture is a process.   You cannot expect big changes with one treatment, especially if your issue is longstanding.  A series of treatments, delivered more frequently, yields better outcomes.  

I will suggest a course of treatment to best address your concern.  Please note that chronic issues may take more time as well, and may require intermittent tune-ups to keep things running smoothly.  


My Commitment as your acupuncturist

   As a practitioner, I am committed to assisting you in achieving your optimal wellness goals, whatever they may be.    I use a comprehensive and holistic approach with gentle acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle/ nutritional counseling.      

    To schedule an appointment, please call.                                720.684.8865                              Appointments scheduled on   
Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays   



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Sunflower Community Acupuncture has reopened in Hygiene!   

New location:
11749 N. 75th St.,  Hygiene CO

Fee schedule:

Initial acupuncture treatment

( Includes intake ):  $85.00
75 min.

Follow-up acupuncture treatment:   $65.00
55 min.

Herbal wellness consult:  $50.00
30 min.
- separate charge for

herb formulas -


Cash & Checks (preferred)
Credit / Debit Cards / Health Savings (accepted)


We have a 

24 hour cancellation policy.  

( $60 fee for less than 24 hour cancellations or missed appointments )  

*unless you are feeling unwell


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Credit cards accepted here
If you think you are contagious with a cold, flu or other, please do not come to the clinic.