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Testimonials from some of our valued patients:

"Jill combines an extensive understanding of acupuncture and the healing sciences with a keen intuition and a spiritual connection that makes every interaction with her deeply impactful.  Adding to that, her sensitivity and innate caring nature make her the ideal practitioner."  

-M.R. -Boulder, CO.


"I count myself very lucky to have been living in Hygiene six years ago when Jill opened Sunflower. Before my first appointment, I wondered whether I’d like being treated in “community”—but this turned out to be an environment that enhances the whole experience of healing.  Picture a spacious room, white canvas ceiling, tall rice paper lamps and screens, comfortable recliners, soft music, and the quiet presence of a few other people across the way.   Just settle into a chair, push up your sleeves and pant legs, and let go of the outside world.   All this before the best part—Jill herself, calm and caring.  She has helped me in countless ways over the past six years.  With her compassion, wisdom, and beautiful spirit, she is a true healer.  One more thing, treatment costs are described in terms of 15-minute appointments, but after Jill consults with you and places needles, (and no this does not hurt!), you rest for another 45 minutes." -K.D., Boulder, CO.  


"I have been going to acupuncture for 35 years.  My experience at Sunflower has been the best acupuncture clinic experience in that time.  The atmosphere is welcoming and soothing . Jill is very skilled at her profession, a warm, kind , listening provider.  I have had good results from treatment, and I believe that acupuncture is an integral part of wellness.  Gary is a great person to meet as you walk through the front door to Sunflower.  Helping make their 2 person team a great experience.  Thank you."  

- G.K. -Longmont, CO  


"Jill is just simply a wonderful person. She really takes care of you and is very personable. The atmosphere created for healing is perfect. I highly recommend getting your acupuncture treatments with Jill."  -S.K.K.  -Longmont, CO

"Prior to starting regular treatments with Jill, I was facing the very real prospect of applying for medical disability due to a rheumatoid connective tissue disease.  Her expertise in acupuncture techniques coupled with dietary and other lifestyle modifications literally changed my course both physically and emotionally.  I can now be an active and happy participant enjoying my life rather than watching it pass me by from under a thick cloak of chronic pain and fatigue.  Without the sliding payment scale here at Sunflower, I wouldn’t have had access to these healing treatments …  I now have the tools and support to take back control from my autoimmune disease.  Jill took me from surviving to thriving." - M.C. - Boulder, CO.


​"I had a treatment yesterday at SCA and what a difference it has made! Slept like a baby last night - 8 hours no less - felt great this morning. Thanks so much Jill!"

- J.B. - Denver, CO.


"I don't know HOW you do it, but my excruciating neck /shoulder / back pain is 100% GONE after just one treatment on Friday.  I'm not kidding,  I'm in awe and so happy to be out of pain for the first time in weeks!  I slept for 11 hours when I got home!!"  

- C.M. -Longmont, CO.

"I love this place, everything from the warm and friendly reception area to stepping into the beautiful healing space filled with soothing music and Jill's healing presence and expertise, to the deep relaxation... and with the sliding-scale fee all of this is affordable for everyone! Wow! Thank you Jill for this amazing service to your community!"  

- A.W. - Taos, NM.


"I have had acupuncture numerous times, but never have I had the lovely experience that I had at your clinic. I was so calm and so relaxed, I almost didn't want to leave!  The community room is comfortable, relaxing and peaceful.  I am looking forward to my next visit and wish you much success!"​  -D.W. - Longmont, CO.

"I am continuing with Community Acupuncture at the Maplewood Clinic - experiencing significantly less pain in the hip, and noticing that when pain is present, it diminishes very quickly.  I can't thank you enough for your TLC and also for providing information about Community Acupuncture in my beloved community.  My daughter in DC is a runner and began to experience discomfort in her knee - I told her about Community Acupuncture - she found a practice there and is loving the transformation in her body and mind.  The path to freedom is strewn with blessings, you being one of them!"

-  J.W. - MN.


"I have been working with Jill for a number of years now and have experienced numerous different acupuncturists in my life. Her compassion and attention is so appreciated. I can say, without reservation, when you find someone who works well with your body, why go somewhere else? I am fairly body aware and working with Jill always makes changes in the right direction. I would highly recommend Jill to anyone who wants to explore acupuncture for their own healing growth."

- L.R. - Longmont, CO.

"I have experienced a significant change in my physical and mental health picture since getting regular treatments from Jill at her wonderful and super relaxing Sunflower Community Acupuncture clinic. Previous to starting my sessions with her, I was undergoing a very stressful time. The stress was, in turn, effecting my immune system and my overall health and happiness. Since my weekly acupuncture treatments with Jill I have been able to avoid getting sick, my sinus issues have cleared up, I have increased energy, and best of all I feel my spirit has lifted and I have been feeling happy and relaxed. It's so gratifying to be able to maintain my health in this way!"   

- L.H. - Boulder, CO.

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